Just Play

I was wanting to practice art.

Quick 20 minutes of drawing on Photoshop. Silly but I had a little fun. This is suppopsed to be Anita Blake, books written by Laurell K Hamilton, in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter world. Well, that was the idea.Updated image with more details ;)

Just Play


Got new computer...putting in all links I can remember. Making sure this works. ;) So much to do. Look, I'm still alive. ;)
Just Play

Two days in a row...

Must be a record. but I want to make some fan fiction since this is what this journal is for. I have several stories from before but I'm not sure if they're anything I'm up for finishing. Different times and all that but still, there are some I think it might be fun to revisit and maybe finish. Who knows?

Though I'm not even sure if anyone remembers or read the others. ;) Hmmm.

Well, you can tell me if there are any others remember and that reminds me, I need to read so much fan fic as well. There is much I am behind on. :) So much to do, I so need much more hours in the day. ;)
Just Play

Going over stuff

I do this once in a while and maybe this time things will go better. I'm thinking of getting back to my fan fiction of various sorts, getting a new web page and putting stuff there. Maybe...but there are so many shows that are not Buffy and Angel so I should really move on and see what I can find.

It's been so long since I've written here, I'm sure no one remembers anything I've ever written...if they read it to begin with. ;) but I'm sur that's all okay.

For the moment, I'm cleaning my writing space and my living space, hoping less clutter will also clear my mind. Then I'll decide which shows of all the 20 or so that I watch, would be fun to play around with. I admit, my writing needs work but then who can't get better? ;) Mostly, I have horrible grammar and spelling, and I'm great at painting myself into a corner.

Still, there are worse things that can happen than horrible horrible fan fiction. Yep, I'm pretty sure that there is.

So, here's to almost a new year and all those lovely surprises I hope to find around the bend.

and my kitty Clyde says, "Meow." Or translated, "Where's my food, woman?" ;P